Who We Are

Carolynne Mahood, the principal of Human Element Resources, is an instructor, course developer and Human Resource professional with more than 25 years of experience gained in private and public sectors, large corporations, and small privately owned businesses.  

She is formally educated in Human Resources, and Adult Instruction, and is certified as a CPHR by Human Resource Management Association of BC. In addition, she is a dedicated Volunteer with Not-for-profit organizations.


Is your bottom line at risk or suffering because of your employees?

These situations appear deceptively minor but if not addressed, they can lead to lost opportunities, decreasing sales, and/or lost customers. Turn negative behaviour into positive successes! Human Element Resources is your way to bringing the bottom line to the top through your employees.

What sets us apart

#1. Any organization is better poised to succeed if its basic infrastructure is sound and solid.  Our objective is to help start-up and growing companies build that base by showing them how to bring out the best in their employees.  We’ll collaborate in determining how to cost effectively and strategically invest in employee development so everyone has the ability and motivation to actively contribute to customer relations, sales, and service - and enjoy financial success.

#2. We don't use our clients for practice We know what we're good at and we limit our services to those areas in which we have excelled. If we’re offered the opportunity to provide service in an area in which we have limited experience we'll refer our clients to an expert in that area.